Miklos Balogh

When learning a language, it is very important to choose a good teacher.
The online interface gives the teacher more freedom and room for movement.
Orsi teaches interesting classes of high quality.
I don’t feel at all like when my school tried to teach me German.
Exciting classes with a good tone without stress. Orsi teaches me two hours a week. I study on my days off, but it’s more of a recreation and a hobby for me.
I am working in Austria, I started taking lessons at Orsi because I only speak English. My German language skills were slightly below 0. In a few months, it helped me gain so much confidence and vocabulary that I now dare to speak German and converse with guests at my current level.
If I could give myself one piece of advice or start my life over. I would have started taking online classes with Orsi much sooner.
An online class is very flexible, you don’t have to go anywhere, take 60 or 90 minutes out of your day. Why would you delay getting started. The best investment for your future. Learning is an investment of unfathomable value in terms of price-value ratio. At Orsi, you get everything you need to learn German. He can’t help you with one thing. It can’t learn things for you, that’s our job.
One word says it all, if you look at it purely from a business perspective, this is the best and cheapest investment in your future. An opportunity to work abroad. From the point of view of learning, you should try what it’s like to study with a professional teacher.
I can only recommend it to everyone. Don’t delay, time is the most valuable thing. It’s never too late to learn another language.
I thank Orsi for accepting me as his student.