Vincenzo Andreone

German with Orsi was a great choice. She is a very enthusiastic teacher. I took her Fließend mit Friends course recently and found it very very helpful. Despite the name, it is not just about the Friends TV series. It is a well structured German grammar course combined with watching and “breaking down” the famous TV series scenes. The course is well thought out. While we progress with the grammar lesson-by-lesson, she breaks down scenes from Friends where she also highlights the grammar principles that she has already covered. I found this extremely effective. I’ve had a lot of teachers and have taken other courses, but this course is by far the best. German is not an easy language and I’ve wanted to give up many times. I work for a German company. I used to speak only English with my collages, but now I barely use it! I speak German most of the time now! I highly recommend it. You won’t regret it!